MPA Course Offerings

List of MPA Core Required Classes

  • PUAD 501 Public Administration, Rinfret (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 504 Organization Theory, Emidy (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 503 Policy Analysis, Rinfret (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 505 Budgeting and Finance, Barsky (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 506 MPA Applied Research Methods, Barsky (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 522 Human Resource Management, Emidy (syllabus PDF)
  • Note: Nonprofit concentration students take the MPA core listed above in addition to PUAD 529 and NPAD 405

    Students are required to take core classes when offered (these are offered online, in-person, and via robot); contact MPA Director Dr. Sara Rinfret for any advising questions.

List of MPA Elective Class Offerings

  • PUAD 507 Program Evaluation, Barsky (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 523 Administrative Law, Bryan or DuMontier 
  • PUAD 525 Strategic Planning & Leadership, Pace (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 526 Issues in State & Local Government, Barsky (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 527 Performance Measurement, Kolman (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 528 Women, Policy, & Public Administration, Rinfret (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 529 Intro to Nonprofit Administration, Vernon (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 531 Intro to Public Policymaking, Rinfret (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 547 Legislation, Johnstone (offered by the law school) (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 561 Ethics & Administration, New Hire (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 595 Environmental Governance & Policy, Rinfret (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 595 Montana Constitutional Law, Johnstone, (offered by the law school) 
  • PUAD 595 Renewable Energy and Climate, Panarella (offered by the law school) (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 595 Law & Indian Policy, DuMontier (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 595 Poverty Policy, Barsky (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 595 E-Governance, Pace 
  • PUAD 595 Regulatory Policy, Rinfret 
  • PUAD 595 Innovation in the Public Sector, Hamman (syllabus PDF)
  • PUAD 596 Independent Study, Rinfret (instructor consent)
  • PUAD 598 Internship, Hamman (instructor consent) (syllabus PDF)
  • Summer Indian Law Program
  • Any nonprofit concentration electives
  • Outside electives approved by MPA Director

    Review course schedule for periodicity of elective offerings.