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Mario Schulzke

Nonprofit Administration Certificate Adjunct


  • Office: Brantly 327
  • Office Hours:

    My name is Mario.

    During the day, I am the CMO of a Seattle tech company called Geniuslink. During my lunch break, you'll find me teaching digital marketing at the University of Montana. At night and on weekends I do a bit of startup advising and run a small media company called IdeaMensch.  At some point in my past, I was the Chief Marketing Officer at the University of Montana and spend ten years running digital strategy for ad agencies up and down the West Coast. There I served clients such as  Alaska Airlines, ESPN, Chase, P&G, Western Digital, Epson, and too many others. 

    In my free time, I ride bikes, grow peppers, play ping pong, fly fish, and implore our little wiener dog to please not pee on the couch.