Veterans Law CLE Presentation Videos and Materials

Please check back shortly, as additional presentations become available:

  1. Veterans Law Basics
    Slide Handout
  2. Service-Connected Benefits: Claims, Legacy Appeals, and the New Appellate Process
    Video: Service-Connected Benefits, New Appeals
    Slide Handout and Article
  3. Veterans Treatment Courts: Development & Best Practices
    Slide Handout and Notes Handout
  4. Blue Water Navy & Military Toxic Exposure
    Slide Handout
  5. Update on the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims
  6. Veterans Advocacy as Community Economic Development
    Slide Handout
  7. Tribal Veterans Services & the VA Office of Tribal Government Relations
  8. Roundtable Discussion, Tribal Veterans Services: Opportunities & Needs
  9. Intro to Discharge Upgrades with Some Intermediate Discharge Practice
    Video: Intro to Discharge Upgrades
    Slide Handout
    Clarifying Guidance to Military Discharge Review Boards
    Application for Correction of Military Record
    Application for the Review of Discharge or Dismissal from the Armed Forces
    Discharge List
    Discharge Upgrade
    PTSD TBI Checklist
    SEC DEF Memo and Discharge
    SEC DEF Memo Re PTSD and TBI
    Standard Form 180
    Department of Defense Discharge Review Board (DRB) Procedures and Standards
  10. Inside the Discharge Review Boards
    Video: Inside the Discharge Review Boards
    Slide Handout 
  11. VA Character of Discharge Determinations
    Video: VA Character of Discharge Determinations
    Slide Handout
  12. A Day in the Life of a Federal Judicial Law Clerk
  13. Intro to Forensic Evaluation for Discharge Upgrades
    Video: Intro to Forensic Evaluation for Discharge Upgrades
    Slide Handout
  14. Creating a Sustainable Volunteer or Student Discharge Upgrade Program: Innovations, Frustrations, and Achievements
    Slide Handout
  15. Other Frontiers of State and Federal Advocacy: Litigation, Legislative Advocacy, Rulemaking
    Video: Other Frontiers of State and Federal Advocacy
    Slide Handout