Barristers’ Ball Celebrates 100 Years

BarristersThis year’s Barristers’ Ball will mark the 100th year for the event at the University of Montana School of Law. The first Barristers’ Ball, held in 1915, celebrated the accreditation of the School of Law. Its popularity and purpose have changed over its one hundred year history. In the 1940s, the Ball served primarily as a scholarship fundraiser. Unfortunately, popularity waned over the years and it was abandoned periodically. The Student Bar Association revived the Ball a few years ago, and restructured it as a social event for students, faculty, alumni, friends of the law school and the entire Montana legal community.

This year’s Barristers’ Ball is scheduled for Thursday, April 9th during Law Week to bring together the legal community, the Montana Supreme Court, the Board of Visitors and the Clinical Board of Visitors, in addition to Bar members and alumni. Appetizers and desserts will start at 8:00 pm and live music by Tom Catmull’s Radio Static begins at 9:00 pm.