Year Begins with More Students, Higher Academic Markers

New and returning students at the top of the The class of 2019 arrived at the Blewett School of Law last week to begin the traditional introductory program. Bucking national trends, this year’s entering class is 10% larger than the previous year’s class, with improved academic indicators.

"We had an excellent year recruiting, fueled by increased national interest in our law school," Dean Paul Kirgis said. "As other law schools continue to struggle with declining enrollments and lower academic indicators, we're moving in the right direction by keeping our focus on our core mission of delivering the best practical legal education possible."

Kirgis pointed to an increase in scholarships and merit awards as critical in attracting top students. "Our goal is to attract a diverse student body who will be outstanding in their service to society as lawyers," Kirgis said. "Making this endeavor affordable through scholarships is how we will achieve that goal and we have our many alumni and supporters to thank for our success this year."