Wilson ’18 Accepts Internship in The Hague

May 1, 2017

Hannah WilsonHannah Wilson, a student at the Alexander Blewett III School of Law at the University of Montana, will be spending her summer at a United Nations court in The Hague, the legal capital of the world.

Wilson will be interning with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, helping to prosecute war criminals from the Yugoslav Wars. The Office of the Prosecutor, where Wilson will be working, prosecutes persons suspected of planning, implementation, and execution of the most serious violations of international humanitarian law that have occurred in the territory of the former Yugoslavia since 1991. The Office is wrapping up its final cases and transitioning toward closure, making this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Wilson is a Blewett Scholar and a member of the Montana Law Review. She has focused her studies on international law, taking law courses in China, Singapore, and Mexico and completing her Advanced Writing Requirement on international law topics. Her career goals include working abroad, ideally in the field of international law, and eventually becoming a Foreign Service Officer. Congratulations to Hannah Wilson!