Negotiations Team Invited to International Competition

Frans Andersson and Kirsi LutherThe Blewett School of Law’s ABA Negotiation Competition Team will travel to Oslo, Norway in late June to attend the 2017 International Negotiation Competition hosted by the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Association of Lawyers. The School of Law's team of Frans Andersson ‘17 and Kirsi Luther ’19 placed second among more than ninety teams in the national competition earlier this year, earning the invitation to Oslo.

Teams from more than thirty countries will travel to Norway for the International Competition this year. The competition, conducted in English, involves four rounds of competition, with one four-party negotiation. Andersson and Luther will see their skills tested, as they face teams with a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds.

This year’s entry into the International Negotiation Competition is the second appearance by a University of Montana team, continuing a tradition of success. In the past decade alone, the team has appeared in the national competition six times, following nine appearances at regional final rounds. 2017 marks the fourth consecutive year of the team’s appearance at nationals.

The team is coached by adjunct faculty member Klaus Sitte who has been coaching the team since 1990. Sitte teaches the Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution courses at the School of Law.