Blewett School of Law Ranks Fifteenth in Federal Clerkship Placement

The Blewett School of Law is ranked fifteenth in the nation for placing new graduates in federal clerkships based on the percentage of graduates hired as federal judicial clerks over the course of the past three years.

The School of Law placed 7.5% of its graduates for the classes of 2014, 2015 and 2016 in federal clerkships within ten months of graduation according to the most recent ABA employment data. That percentage exceeds federal clerkship placement for prominent national law schools such as the University of Notre Dame (#16), Cornell University (#19) and New York University (#23), and tops all other law schools in the West other than Stanford, California-Berkeley, and California-Irvine. It appears that this multiyear trend will continue as 9.6% of 2017 UM graduates have reported federal clerkship positions.

Overall clerkship placement of Blewett School of Law graduates is also extraordinary. For the past two graduating classes, 25.6% of each graduating class secured state or federal clerkships positions within 10 months of graduation. The law school attributes much of this success to good communication with Montana judges, the development of a faculty clerkship committee to advise students, and strong student candidates.