About the Institute

The Max S. Baucus Institute, located in the heart of the Rocky Mountain West, is where policy makers, lawyers, politicians, leading academics, and law students interact on a global scale.

The work of the Institute is an extension of the important bipartisan, consensus-building public service Ambassador Baucus exemplified during his long and distinguished career. In times when too few are engaged in problem solving and productive policy making, the Institute will help foster dialogue, train business and government leaders, play a central role in economic development, and make a meaningful contribution to the national discourse on a range of important topics.

Our goal is simple: to prepare our next generation of public servants and engage in work that makes a meaningful difference for today’s leaders. We look forward to your participation in the Max S. Baucus Institute, where we will carry on the Ambassador’s commitment to working together in the noblest of all human endeavors – public service.


Institute Newsletters

Fall 2020 Baucus Institute Newsletter (pdf)
Fall 2019 Baucus Institute Newsletter (pdf)