Top Learners Contest

About the Contest


The contest will run from July 13-24, 2020. Courses must be watched during this time frame (previously watched courses cannot apply to the contest).

The Prize

Each team member of the winning team gets to pick a new book of their choice! (up to $200 maximum total)

How to Win

A team will be designated "top learners" in UMToday if all team members complete at least one LinkedIn Learning course. The team with the highest average number of courses completed per team member will win the book prize.

Setting up Your Learning Team

  1. Create a team--you must have 4-6 people to create a team. One person should be designated as the “Team Learning Captain”.
    • Teammates can be coworkers or other colleagues that want to explore a professional development theme together.
  2. Decide what professional development content your team wants to explore. The topic is up to you!
    • Potential topics: communication, project management, inclusivity, graphic design, time management, innovation, emotional intelligence, leadership, Excel—and more.
  3. Register for the Learning Contest. Registration will require the names of team members, the name of the team captain, and the professional development theme to be explored
  4. Each team member logs in to LinkedIn Learning and completes at least one full course related to your team’s chosen topic. Team members can watch the same or different courses.
    1. Team members should send the name of the course they completed to the Team Captain, who will be responsible to report the names of completed courses
    2. At the end of the contest, OOLD will ask Team Learning Captains to enter the name of the course(s) completed by each team member and share some overall impressions of how the learning challenge went (i.e. were the courses valuable? What did the team learn together?)