Required Training

Indian Education for All (IEFA)

This Moodle course is part of an overall effort to ensure that every UM employee is engaged in conversations around the Montana Constitutional mandate that "every Montanan, whether Indian or non-Indian, be encouraged to learn about the distinct and unique heritage of American Indians in a culturally responsive manner." In this course, participants will:

  • Explore the foundation of Indian Education for All in Montana through Montana Constitution, statute, and Board of Regent policies regarding Montana’s American Indian students.
  • Gain an understanding of the Seven Essential Understandings about the First Peoples of Montana.
  • Gain a better understanding of each tribe and their world views.
  • Explore an array of Tribal Nations education resources that can be used on campus, in a classroom or simply to grow personal understanding. These resources include a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the First Peoples of Montana.

All UM employees are automatically enrolled in the IEFA course and then automatically unenrolled upon completion. If you wish to access the course again or refer others (including students) to the course, it is also available for self-enrollment by following the link to the IEFA course.

Mandatory Reporter Training

As a UM employee, you are a mandatory reporter of sex-based harm, including discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, dating and domestic violence, and sexual exploitation. To ensure you understand your responsibility, the Equal Opportunity Office offers trainings on how to identify, respond to, and report such conduct. Led by Alicia Arant, Equal Opportunity Director/Title IX Coordinator, the training will help you prepare to respond effectively to reports of sexual misconduct and understand guidelines around confidentiality. Attending this training is encouraged for all UM employees. Trainings are offered periodically during the year; visit the Office of Organizational Learning and Development registration site for dates/times and to RSVP.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) training

FERPA training is provided via the CITI program platform. UM employees will select the University of Montana and log in with their NetID. Users will answer a series of questions about what kind of trainings they will need to take. Select the FERPA option.

All employees must finish the introduction to FERPA module, which provides a brief history of FERPA and covers the law’s different requirements and how it protects student educational records. Learn how FERPA categorizes protected information and how FERPA is applied in various educational settings. 

All UM instructors (adjuncts, lecturers, TAs, and tenure-track faculty) must also take the FERPA for Instructors module, which discusses FERPA as it applies to instructors. It focuses on protecting student privacy by describing what may be part of an educational record, situations where student information may be at risk of unauthorized disclosure, processes to protect student data and ensure compliance with FERPA (and other privacy laws), and ways to report student information while maintaining privacy. 

Staff and faculty who work closely with students, such as advisors, should take the FERPA for Students module, which informs students about FERPA and the rights and responsibilities the law affords them. 

Additional modules for Researchers, Institutional Review Board members, Educational Administrators are also available and recommended for those serving in applicable roles. 

Electronic Accessibility 

UM is committed to providing equal and effective electronic and information technology access to all individuals. In accordance with UM policy and state and federal laws, all employees must create, obtain and maintain electronic documents, websites, media, software and hardware in a manner that ensures it is accessible. 

For all employees: 

Learn how to ensure all your digital content meets accessibility standards and provides equal access for all users by self-enrolling in UM’s Digital Accessibility Hub. The Hub is an online resource that covers how to create accessible materials and content. This information applies to both learning and work environments at UM. 

Additional Resources: 

o       UM instructions for creating accessible documents 

o       UM instructions for creating accessible websites 

o       Digital Accessibility for the Modern Workplace (LinkedIn Learning course) 

o       Microsoft Word Accessibility support  

For online instructors and Moodle users: 

Visit the UM Online accessibility website to review the many resources available to help you ensure your courses are accessible for all students and comply with UM policy and state and federal laws. 

Cybersecurity Awareness Training 

Security awareness training is a vital part of keeping our organization secure, and is strongly recommended for all employees. Employees will learn about password safety, phishing, and general security awareness fundamentals. UM is using KnowBe4 to offer this security awareness training.  

  • UM employees can log in with their NetID to access the training.
  • Once employees log in, their account will be assigned to the “UM 2021 Onboarding Training” campaign. Please note, this process can sometimes take up to 40 minutes. It is common for employees to see that they have “no trainings due” at first. Employees will receive an email notification from the Information Security Office once their enrollment has been completed. Then the trainings will be available.

For assistance with the program, please fill out the Security Awareness Training Help Request.

Principal Investigator (PI)/ Co-PI Training 

The Montana Board of Regents has mandated training for MUS employees seeking sponsored funding: pre- and post-award grant management, intellectual property, and regulatory compliance such as conflict of interest and misconduct in science. (Montana BOR Policy 401.C) 

Any UM faculty or staff who are eligible to be a PI and anticipate submitting applications for a grant, contract, or cooperative agreement as a PI or Co-PI must complete a mandatory 90-minute PI training prior to submittal. Such training remains valid for two years following 1) a PI's last proposal submission, or 2) the end of award. Training must be retaken if this time period is exceeded. Departmental Research Administrators (DRAs) and others engaged in proposal submission or project management on behalf of PIs are welcome to complete the training. 

Review the Office of Sponsored Programs training and professional development website for additional information about required and additional trainings. 


Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of trainings required for UM employees. More trainings should be available here soon.