Lubrecht location

Lubrecht Experimental Forest is located 30 miles east of Missoula, Montana, on Montana Hwy. 200

Directions from Missoula

  • A trail through the forestProceed east on I-90 for approximately five miles and take Exit 109, the Bonner/Great Falls/Highway 200 Exit.
  • Proceed east on Montana Highway 200 through Milltown and Bonner, Potomac at mile marker 16. Continue past mile marker 22 and the Garnet Range Road.
  • Continue PAST the Garnet Range Road entrance for about 0.2 miles and look for the entrance sign to the Lubrecht Forest headquarters and Conference Center on the east (right) side of the highway.      
  • A few hundred feet beyond the timbered arch entry way, the road forks at log cabin.
  • Turn left to reach the Castles Forestry Center, the Lodge, and Apartments.
  • Turn right to reach the cabins, dining hall, pavilion, and cross-country ski trailhead.

If you've turned left, the first building on the right is the Castles Forestry Center and Lubrecht administrative offices where you can pick up keys for your stay at the lodge or cabins. The next building on the right is the lodge. The lodge parking lot is on the left, although there are six parking/unloading spaces in front of the lodge. Please use one of these two areas for parking. This road loops around back to the entrance, passing the cabins, dining hall, pavilion, and cross-country ski trails.