Cybersecurity Management Certificate

The purpose of this certificate in Cybersecurity Management is provide students with technical and management skills in the area of cybersecurity.  Students will use Cybersecurity skills as a consultant or as an employee helping an organization to develop and implement a Cybersecurity program or respond to security incidents.  The certificate explores the management issues around areas of cybersecurity that include identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover.  The Cybersecurity Management capstone (BMIS472) course is patterned after the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) industry certification.  Students will explore a variety of knowledge areas of Cybersecurity Management and apply that knowledge in an integrated project in the capstone course.  The curriculum is based on the Core Knowledge Units developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The knowledge pathways in the program are; networking technology & protocols; databases & analytics; probability & statistics; policy, legal, ethics, and compliance; cybersecurity fundamentals & practices, and cybersecurity management & planning.  Students who earn the Cybersecurity Management certificate will work for companies as consultants, Chief Information Officers, or Chief Security Officers focusing on the management issues around cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Management Pathways

Certificate Advisor: Shawn Clouse, Gallagher Business Building 328

Foundation Course: Network, Protocols, & Sys. Admin. Knowledge Pathway


Programming & Scripting Knowledge Pathway


Databases, Analytics, & Statistics Knowledge Pathway


Policy, Legal, Ethics, & Compliance Knowledge Pathway


Cybersecurity Management & Planning Knowledge Pathway


Capstone Course: Cybersecurity Fundamentals & Practices Knowledge Pathway


Total Hours


Pathway 1: Foundation Course:  Network, Protocols, & Sys. Admin (3 cr.):


BMIS 471 Network & Security Mgmt

Pathway 4: Policy, Legal, Ethics & Comp. (3 cr.)


BGEN220E Business Ethics

BGEN 361 Principles of Business Law

ACTG 321 Accounting Information Systems

Pathway 2: Programming & Scripting (3 cr.):


BMIS 365 Business Application Development

BMIS 465 Real-time Analytics

Pathway 5: Cybersecurity Management & Planning (3 cr.): 


BMIS476/482 Project Management BMIS 478 E-commerce & Emerging Technologies BMIS 479 Intro to Consulting 

Pathway 3: Databases, Analytics, & Statistics (3 cr.)


BMIS 326 Intro to Data Analytics

BMIS 370 Database

Pathway 6: Capstone Course: Cybersecurity Fundamentals & Practices (3 cr.) 


BMIS 472 Adv. Network & Security Man.