Mansfield Classes

Special Topics

Image of students and two teachers sitting in the Mansfield Center Conference room during a class.The Mansfield Center frequently offers special courses taught by visiting scholars, Mansfield Fellows, members of the Confucius Institute, and University of Montana staff. Past courses have included Globalization and Overseas Chinese and Contemporary Issues of Vietnam. Special courses will be announced as offered and appear under the class listings MANS 195, 295, 395 and 495.

Regular Courses

MANS 195X: Global Challenges in the 21st Century, offered intermittently

This course is part of the Franke Global Leadership Initiative, a four-year University of Montana program to prepare students for roles in an increasingly international world. Global Leadership Program courses are only open to students enrolled in the Franke Global Leadership Initiative.

MANS 295: Chinese Culture and Conversation, offered intermittently

Taught by one of the skilled, native-speaking staff of the Confucius Institute, this course provides students with the chance to practice their spoken Chinese in a small group while enhancing their knowledge of Chinese culture. Pre-req: Chinese 101 and 102 or equivalent.

MANS 495/PSCI 491: Transitions from War to Peace, offered Fall

Mansfield Fellow in International Affairs Dr. Kim Maynard draws on 20 years of experience in rebuilding war-torn societies in Africa, the Balkans, Central America, Central Asia, the Middle East, and East Asia to help students answer questions like, "Why do people fight wars?" "What happens when the fighting stops?" and "What role can international organizations and international intervention play in helping countries regain stability and rebuild?"

Read the full course description for Transitions from War to Peace.

Confucius Institute K-12 Chinese Language Program

China Summer Camp students in the Forbidden City in Beijing, ChinaThe Confucius Institute at the University of Montana provides high quality in-person and online classes with native speaker instructors to high school students across the state. In the Missoula school district, the Confucius Institute is also expanding its Chinese language and culture programs at the elementary level.

Defense Critical Language and Culture Courses

Uniformed soldiers sitting in a class room listening to a DCLCP lectureThe Mansfield Center's Defense Critical Language and Culture Program provides intensive language and culture training for members of the National Guard, Reserve, and Active Duty (all services). These University of Montana courses are developed and delivered through the DCLCP to help students speak the languages and understand the cultures of strategically significant nations in the world at a time when bilateral and multilateral relations are increasingly complex.