Homestay Host Families

Every year, we bring dozens of international participants to Missoula for educational and cultural exchange programs. Host families provide these visitors with a unique Montana experience and integrate them into American family life and culture.

Homestay lengths vary based on program. Homestays are a time for participants to experience community hospitality and cultural immersion. Host families share the things they love about Montana with their international visitors.

There is no obligation to engage in specific activities during the homestay. This is an opportunity for participants to experience regular life with an American family, and for Montana families to build connections with people from around the world.

Upcoming Host Family Opportunities

Due to the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, in-person homestay opportunities are suspended at this time. Until it is safe for all involved to resume in-person exchange, please contact Anne Hanson if you are interested in participating as a virtual conversation partner in our international virtual exchange programs.

How to Apply

For more information and to apply, contact the Mansfield Center or call (406) 243-2988.