Student Testimonials

At DCLCP, our student's education is our first priority. Our professors work hard to ensure their courses are well planned and thorough, while maintaining an atmosphere that encourages learning and personal growth.

Take a look at what our past students' thought about their courses at DCLCP.

Project GO

"… I would again like to thank you for the guidance and great teaching that I received during the duration of the program. I not only learned a lot about the Korean language and culture, but I also learned a lot about myself… I have, however, recommended others from my ROTC program to apply for the UMT Project GO program. Hopefully you’ll get to teach them too."
2018, Project GO - Korea

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"Throughout the six month course, Rana Shaaban's professionalism, care, and attention to detail was of the highest standard. I have experienced many quality instructors along my education path, and Rana is arguably one of the best instructors under whom I have studied. From day one she ensured every need of each student was met. Extra hours of tutoring before or after class, extra pens, white boards, etc. She made our learning experience seamless and worry free, and the class also recognizes Montana's support in our endeavor."
2021, Arabic Intermediate

"…I liked being able to switch teachers to hear different accents."
April-June 2018, Arabic Intermediate

"Can easily tell [professor] is passionate about teaching and enjoys helping students."
January-March 2017, Arabic Intermediate


"Good use of humor in classes. Was able to keep my attention well."
About Pei, Summer Sessions 2018, Chinese 

"[Qing] was great to have at JBLM. Always worked hard and helped us to get better."
April Session 2018, Chinese Intermediate 

"Very good teacher and connects well with students…"
About Qing, January Session 2018, Chinese Advanced 

"Pei’s lessons are very well organized and easy to follow even for advanced topics."
January Session 2018, Chinese Advanced


"TJ is an excellent teacher who is not only able to instruct on how to do something but why you do it which is in my opinion essential to being able to apply your knowledge to similar situations. TJ is an energetic instructor who kept me engaged during the course. 10 out of 10."
February 2021, French


"Professional, informative, patient, and insightful."
About Emma, Summer Sessions 2018, Indonesian 

"[Emma] was a great teacher. Always motivated and helpful."
April Session 2018, Indonesian Advanced 

"Class was excellent."
February Session 2018, Indonesian Advanced


"Great interaction. Provided excellent context to help develop an understanding of the language. Pushes students to get better!"
Summer Sessions 2018, Korean

"[Dr. You] was an exemplary teacher and person. Displays genuine interest in students while adeptly adjusting to a student’s learning style."
February Session 2018, Korean Advanced 

"[Professor] fosters a relaxed atmosphere for learning. Encourages students to work through tough problems to further bolster the learning process."
February Session 2018, Korean Advanced 

"[Dr. You] was very patient, challenging and motivated."
November Session 2017, Korean Intermediate


"I really enjoyed his free flowing method of teaching. He used the lessons, but when opportunity arose to follow natural conversations that didn’t align with the intended course material, he used that opportunity to expand the lessons..."
Summer Session 2021, Persian Intermediate

"I truly appreciate the time you put into our classes and extracting all the Farsi out of us that you could. I will continue recommending your class to all who can attend."
Summer Session 2021, Persian Intermediate

"Was truly surprised to see how quickly I was able to progress in remembering and continuing my understanding of Farsi. The teachers were exceptional and provided an excellent learning environment. I did have some distracting events going on at the same time as the course, but was able to catch back up due to the instruction provided. My goal was to prepare as best I could for my next test and I feel as prepared as I can be."
Summer Session 2021, Persian Intermediate

"[Professor] was a fantastic instructor, with great teaching techniques."
July Session 2018, Persian Intermediate

"[Professor] was well organized and well versed in target language. Spent countless hours with students afterwards. Students priorities were first."
April Session 2018, Persian Intermediate

Culture and Regional

"Her presentations were very thoughtful and well put together. They also covered a wide range of topics to attempt to provide a wide base of understanding when approaching Middle Eastern cultures and their roots."
About Shahreena, Summer Session 2021, Arabic Culture

"Excellent teacher. Packed a ton of knowledgeable into a short period of instruction. Makes me want to go back to University."
About Owen, Summer Sessions 2018, Culture Class 

"[Owen] was well educated in Iranian culture and government. Brought great knowledge on current middle eastern affairs."
April Session 2018, Persian Culture

"[Owen] has a great breadth of knowledge about geo-political events and historical context. Bright and enthusiastic teaching style."
February Session 2018, Korean Culture

"Owen is one of the most animated and enthusiastic teachers I ever had. I really appreciate that."
January Session 2018, Chinese Culture