Mansfield Dialogues

The Mansfield Dialogues bring community and international experts to local audiences for the opportunity to discuss critical issues in U.S.-Asia relations and ethics in public affairs. Each semester will feature a different theme that ties all the topics together and provides a launching point for those wishing to gain more information.

These informal sessions take place over the lunch hour, and audience members are encouraged to bring both lunch and their questions.

Fall 2019 Theme: The Future of Democracy Around the World

The Fall 2019 Mansfield Dialogues will explore the unique challenges to democracy and the need for stronger democracies in 2019. Sign up for our Mansfield Center email announcements to receive future announcements about events like the Mansfield Dialogues.

Fall 2019 Schedule

YSEALI Glacier National ParkNatural Resources and Global Challenges

Thursday, September 12 at Noon

Davidson Honors College Room 119

Speakers: State Department Fellows from the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative

Visiting State Department Young Leaders will explore critical issues from their home country on such topics as natural resource development, cross-border conflict and collaboration, and citizen activism.

Baucus Interns

Democracy in Action: Baucus Leaders in Washington, DC

Tuesday, September 17 at Noon

Mansfield Library, Level 4, Theta Rho Room

Speakers: Baucus Leaders Reflecting on Democracy in Action

Join Baucus Leaders Forrest Graves, Kayla Irish, Ethan Charles Holmes, Daniel Parsons, and Erika Byrne in a celebration of Constitution Day. On September 17, 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention met for the last time to sign the Constitution. In 2004, Congress enacted a law setting September 17 as the official federal observance of “Constitution Day and Citizenship Day”, commonly known as Constitution Day. Chosen by the Max Baucus Institute to pursue experiential learning in Washington, DC, these UM students will reflect on their recent internships as they experienced democracy in action.

The Baucus and Mansfield programs are honored to collaborate on this Mansfield Dialogue in recognition of their shared mission of community engagement in the names of two of Montana’s greatest statesmen.

Micere MugoCelebrating Women’s Leadership Globally, with Poetic Illustrations

Monday, September 23 at Noon

University Center room 332, UM UC 332

Speaker: Dr. Micere Mugo, Professor Emeritus, Syracuse University

A towering figure in African literature, Kenyan-born Mĩcere M. Gĩthae Mũgo is Professor Emeritus in the Department of African American Studies at Syracuse University. A prolific author, she has received dozens of awards recognizing her importance as a poet, playwright, feminist, scholar, and activist. She has been politically and socially active her whole life, resulting in her initial exile from Kenya in 1982.

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of IndiaIndia Under Modi: Whither Democracy?

Wednesday, October 9 at Noon

Mansfield Library, Level 4, Theta Rho Room

Speaker: Mr. Owen Sirrs, Adjunct Faculty, Mansfield Center Defense Critical Language and Culture Program

Mr. Sirrs will discuss the latest developments in India and discuss the political trajectory of the world’s most populous democracy.

2019 Hong Kong Civilians ProtestingHong Kong's Civil Society Uprising: ‘One Country, Two Systems’ in the Context of US-China Relations

Wednesday, October 23 at Noon

Mansfield Library, Level 4, Theta Rho Room

Speaker: Mr. Mark Sheldon, Roving Ambassador, Yale-China Association and Senior Fellow -- Hong Kong-America Center

Mark L. Sheldon, a forty-year resident of Hong Kong and a Chinese studies academic at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, will share his experiences and analysis of recent developments in Hong Kong's civil society uprising against the proposed extradition law, the broader issues of Hong Kong's pan-democratic social movement, and responses from the Hong Kong government and establishment parties. This presentation will be made within the context of a variety of ongoing difficulties in US-China relations.

Two women engaging in conversationChallenges Facing Developing Nations and Civil Society in Southeast Asia

Wednesday, November 6 at Noon

Mansfield Library, Level 4, Theta Rho Room

Speakers: U.S. State Department Professional Fellows Mr. Anwar Koma, Thailand and Ms. Tum Sotheary, Cambodia.

Visiting Professional Fellows sponsored by the U.S. Department of State will present challenges facing their nations as they develop and strengthen their democracies and civil societies.

Students and Professor Spencer travel by boat in VietnamClimate Change in Vietnam: An Educational Adventure

Wednesday, November 20 at Noon

Mansfield Library, Level 4, Theta Rho Room

Speakers: Professor Dan Spencer, Environmental Studies and Peter McDonough, Program Coordinator, Climate Change Studies

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of UM’s Climate Change in Vietnam program, learn about climate challenges facing this nation, considered one of the world’s most vulnerable to climate change.

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