How to Address Racism in a Time of Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates in the U.S., people of Asian heritage have increasingly been subject to incidents of racism, not just across the country, but here in Montana. As part of our mission to promote mutual understanding and ethical leadership, we hosted a Zoom webinar on April 24th to discuss what we can do to support our Asian friends and act against racism in our community.

Thank you to panelists Helen Zia, Tobin Miller Shearer, Terry Weidner, Nicky Phear, and Seth Bodnar for sharing during this lecture.

To learn more about Helen Zia and her work you can visit her website.

The Mansfield Center stands with individuals who have experienced discrimination or have been subjected to xenophobic behavior related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Words or actions of hatred, harassment, and racism have no place in our communities. While the challenges of the pandemic reveal xenophobia and intolerance, they also offer an opportunity to bolster a global spirit of collaboration, support, kindness, inclusion, and solidarity.


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