U.S. Fellowship Host Roles and Responsibilities

  • Commitment to goals and objectives of the program as described in the participant handbook.

  • Complete all program requests for information by the stated deadlines. Failure to respond to e-mails and other requests for information by deadlines may reflect on your application for the U.S. outbound program.

  • Communicate with your fellowship partner to identify his/her goals for the Fellowship.  Understand that there are different ways of communicating and that his/her responses may not be as direct as you may wish.

  • Communicate all questions to the program team in a timely manner. Be sure that you are prepared at all times:  either as a host or as a traveler. If you have any concerns about the substance or logistics of the program, please ask.

  • Commit the time and the interest to hosting your partner, ensuring that you provide the hospitality and experience that is a hallmark of hospitality standards.

  • Be open to the cultural differences you will experience with your partner.  Represent your organization and community well and respect the differences you may encounter.

  • Actively participate in all required program orientations and in fellowship requirements.

  • As a mid-level professional, conduct the research required to prepare yourself for the experience and ensure you have the information you need that may be available from the Mansfield Center or from your Southeast Asian partner.

  • Participate in all evaluation meetings and complete all written evaluations in a timely manner.

Interested Candidates

Please email kelsey.stamm@mso.umt.edu for more information on how you can contribute to this incredible program!