Quick Facts to Know About the Program

Finances for U.S. Fellowship Partners

All international and domestic travel, lodging, cultural activities, and meals for U.S. participants are paid for by the grant while traveling in Southeast Asia. This includes the cost of your visa, if applicable, but does not include the cost of your personal passport. There is no funding available for expenses incurred by U.S. partners while hosting Southeast Asian Fellows in the U.S. We expect that these expenses would be minimal as the Fellows should be participating in the daily activities of your business/organization. If hosting a Fellow is an economic hardship to your organization, please discuss this with the Mansfield Center program management.

Finances for Southeast Asian Fellows

All travel, lodging, and meals for the Southeast Asian Fellows while in the U.S. are covered by the grant. There is no funding available for Southeast Asian Fellows when hosting U.S. participants in Southeast Asia. There is no stipend or honorarium provided to Southeast Asian participants for their time.

Lodging for Southeast Asian Fellows in the U.S.

The Fellows will stay in hotels during much of the program. However, an important component of the program is a cultural introduction to the U.S. We will work with U.S. fellowship hosts to arrange for a three-week home stay for each Southeast Asian Fellow during the program.

Defining the Fellowship

The Fellowship is considered a professional shadowing experience, but the expectation is that the guest will rotate around the business/organization during the fellowship to gain a comprehensive view of the business/organization. The U.S. partner should expect a significant time commitment in terms of organizing the fellowship but should plan meetings and job shadows with others within the host organization as well as other relevant organizations.