Various maps of the University of Montana

Driving Directions to Campus 

 Larger Area Map is available for you to download and print.

West Bound I-90:

  1. Take Missoula's first exit onto Van Buren Street, turn left at the stop sign and merge into the right lane.
  2. At the stop light, turn right onto Broadway street.
  3. Move into the furthest left lane, and turn left onto Madison at the stoplight.
  4. Driving over the bridge, stay in the left lane, and veer left at the fork in the road. After the fork, keep to the left and turn at the stop light. After making a left, get into the right lane. You will be heading due east and directly in front of you will be the Adams Center. You are now on campus.

East Bound I-90:

  1. Take Missoula's last exit onto Van Buren street, Exit 105. Turn right at the stop sign and merge into the right lane.
  2. Follow steps 2-4 from above.

From Missoula International Airport:

  1. Leaving the airport, turn right onto Broadway Street.
  2. Take the first left leading you to the entrance of East Bound I-90.
  3. Follow I-90 and take Missoula's last exit onto Van Buren Street, turning right at the stop sign.
  4. Follow steps 2-4 from above.

From Highway 12 & 93 North:

  1. Highway 12 & 93 become Brooks Street through Missoula. Follow Brooks Street through Missoula to Higgins Avenue. Brooks Merges with Higgins at Hellgate High School.
  2. Be sure you are in the right lane, and turn right onto Sixth Street.
  3. Follow Sixth Street for six blocks to the entrance of campus.


detailed parking map is available from the UM Police Department website.

Visitor parking regulations apply 7 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. Parking is free on weekdays after 5 p.m., weekends, and University-observed holidays unless posted otherwise.

Quick Stop
Located in most lots and marked by orange signs, Quick Stops are free parking spaces that assist visitors who are running quick errands. Quick Stops have a maximum time limit of 20 minutes or as posted.
Day Pass
Costs $3.50 and can be purchased at the following locations: Office of Public Safety in Building 32, located near the stadium; University Center Information Desk and Box Office, located near University Hall; Griz Central in the Lommasson Center, located at University and Arthur Avenues. These locations are highlighted on the map. With a day pass, you can park in most lots except for hourly-parking and reserved parking lots. For over-night guests, please contact UM Police Department at 243-6132 for special restrictions.
Hourly Parking
Hourly parking lots are highlighted on the map. Each lot has a coin-operated machine that dispenses hourly-parking permits. Place the permit on your dash board. The cost is $1.00 per hour. Most machines require quarters, bills, or credit cards. Printing & Graphics (east side of University Center) makes change.
Disabled Parking
Visitors' vehicles bearing federal,state, or municipal issued disability hangers or plates are approved for parking in all disability parking spaces and must be accompanied by a daily-parking pass or hourly-parking permit.
Bus and Trailer Parking
Contact the UM Police Deparment (243-6132) at least two working days in advance to arrange for parking of buses, trailers, or other large vehicles.
For Assistance
The University Center Event Planning Office assists visitors with scheduling events on campus. Call 243-4113 or 243-4114 for assistance. The UM Police Department, located in Building 32 on campus Drive near the stadium oversees campus parking. If you need assistance, call (406)243-6132 or stop by their office.