University Marketing and Communications serves the public and the University of Montana by distributing accurate and timely information about UM, producing useful and interesting publications, and enhancing the UM brand and overall image of higher education through outreach, marketing activities, e-communications and social media. The sector's offices are located on the first and second floors of Brantly Hall. 

The Marketing and Communications sector includes Trademarks and Licensing and the Broadcast Media Center (public radio and public television). In addition, this sector ensures the University has a coordinated marketing and communications approach with Intercollegiate Athletics and the University of Montana Foundation. 

Sector Staff

Our professional staff includes journalists, photographers, videographers, web developers, broadcast media specialists, publications specialists and social media content producers.   

Vice President of Marketing and Communications 

Jenny Petty, vice president of marketing and communications, jenny.petty@umontana.edu. 4065-243-2522 

Strategic Communications 

Dave Kuntz, director of strategic communications, dave.kuntz@umontana.edu. 406-243-5659

Cary Shimek, associate director of the UM News Service, cary.shimek@umontana.edu. 406-243-5914

Jenny Lavey, associate director of strategic communications, Montanan magazine editor-in-chief, jenny.lavey@umontana.edu. 406-243-2488 

Raequel Roberts, news editor, raequel.roberts@umontana.edu. 281-220-7429 

Creative Services

Peter Zalewski, graphic designer, peter.zalewksi@umontana.edu. 406-243-2706

Shauna Layton, art director, graphic designer, shauna.layton@umontana.edu. 406-243-5478

Tommy Martino, photographer, tommy.martino@umontana.edu. 406-243-6654

Todd Goodrich, photographer, todd.goodrich@umontana.edu. 406-243-4825

Andy Kemmis, digital marketing lead and photographer, andy.kemmis@umontana.edu. 406-243-4674 

Brand Management 

Erika Palmer, director of trademarks and licensing, erika.palmer@umontana.edu. 406-243-2317 

Digital Marketing 

Stephanie Geyer, director of digital strategy and innovation, stepahnie.geyer@umontana.edu. 

Jen Sauer, associate director of marketing, jen.sauer@umontana.edu. 406-243-4878 

Tony Layton, marketing analyst, tony.layton@umontana.edu. 406-243-6651 

Bryan Boyle, digital editor, SEO lead, bryan.boyle@umontana.edu. 406-207-2554