UM Social Media

UM Marketing and Communications manages social media channels under the @umontana handle.

Several colleges, departments, offices and student clubs also manage their own social media channels.

UM Social Media Community Guidelines

The University of Montana encourages interaction, discussion, comments, questions and criticism. Please keep comments and posts relevant and respectful. We reserve the right to delete comments or posts that:

  • Advocate illegal activity
  • Are excessive in frequency
  • Are abusive, harassing or contain threats
  • Contain defamation, nudity, obscenity, offensive comments that target or disparage an individual or group of individuals, personal attacks, profanity, sexual or violent imagery, spam comments, or vulgarity
  • Infringe on copyrights or trademarks
  • Publicly share private or identifying information about an individual for the purpose of harassment
  • Link to inappropriate sites
  • Promote outside products or services or contain advertising
  • Violate a state or federal law, University policy, or social media channels' community terms of service
  • Contain spam

We also reserve the right to block individuals who do not follow these guidelines or are repeat offenders.

Links to outside content or other websites by the University of Montana are not an endorsement of those organizations, or their views or content. Comments posted on this page do not represent the opinions of the University of Montana.

University employees commenting on University channels should clearly show they are doing so in their personal capacities, and not as representatives of the University.

UM Social Media Privacy Policy

Use of any University of Montana social media page is strictly voluntary. There is no legal requirement for you to follow, comment or like any University of Montana social media page. Any University of Montana student, employee or other individual who follows, comments or likes University of Montana social media pages does so voluntarily and with no expectation of privacy as to what is posted, followed, commented upon or liked.

The University of Montana may use information that you post on University of Montana social media pages for engagement purposes.