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Certificate of Applied Science in Hospitality Management

The Certificate of Applied Science in Hospitality Management develops the skills students will use in the hospitality and tourism industry and provides students with the knowledge and practical experience in the major areas of management and operation: accounting, customer service, marketing/sales, and hotel management/operation. Graduates prepare for entry-level, professional careers involving business support for restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos, and other hospitality and tourism organizations.  The certificate option is two semesters with a third semester dedicated to a hospitality geared internship to allow extensive hands-on learning in the industry.  If students wish to expand their education beyond a CAS, the program also allows seamless transition into the AAS in Hospitality Management.

For those students interested in pursuing further education, the Associates in Applied Science in Hospitality Management is a five-semester program with the opportunity to engage in different areas of industry, as well as gaining practical experience with industry professionals during a required internship.  The degree fulfills some prerequisites for admissions to the University of Montana, School of Business Administration for those students with eyes on a Bachelor Degree.  

The hospitality industry is growing at a faster rate than other fields with over 30% growth expected in the next two years.  With the hospitality industry encompassing a wide range of businesses, from restaurants and resorts, to catering and corporate dining; the employment outlook for the industry as a whole is very promising.

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