Students may earn a Culinary Arts Certificate of Applied Science or a Food Service Management Associate of Applied Science degree.

The Culinary Arts certificate program is three semesters and provides an introduction to the field of culinary arts. Students prepare for an entry-level position in the expanding and challenging food service industry. This program incorporates comprehensive hands-on learning experiences complemented by supportive courses designed to prepare students for a wide range of career opportunities. This program allows a seamless transition into the Food Service Management degree.

Students are awarded a Certificate of Applied Science after successfully completing the program.

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The Food Service Management program culminates in an Associate of Applied Science Degree. This program combines theory, practical training, and industry experience to prepare students for entry-level and management positions in the diverse and dynamic food service industry. This degree program is designed to continue principles taught in the Culinary Arts certificate program. The spectrum of learning is expanded to include more in-depth professional studies thereby enhancing employment options. Accreditation by the American Culinary Federation ensures graduates’ eligibility for certification as an ACF “Certified Culinarian”.

Technical subject areas include introduction to the industry, basic baking, patisserie, cost control, dining room service, Garde manger, nutritional cooking, fundamental cooking principles, short order cookery, a la carte stations, menu planning, supervised internship, and the recognized sanitation certificate awarded by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

The Associate of Applied Science Degree is awarded upon successful completion of the program.

Students entering autumn semester may complete the program in four semesters. Students entering spring should meet with an advisor prior to selecting courses.

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The Certificate of Applied Science in Hospitality Management develops the skills students will use in the hospitality and tourism industry and provides students with the knowledge and practical experience in the major areas of management and operation: accounting, customer service, marketing/sales, and hotel management/operation. Graduates prepare for entry-level, professional careers involving business support for restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos, and other hospitality and tourism organizations.  The certificate option is two semesters with a third semester dedicated to a hospitality geared internship to allow extensive hands-on learning in the industry.  If students wish to expand their education beyond a CAS, the program also allows seamless transition into the AAS in Hospitality Management.

For those students interested in pursuing further education, the Associates in Applied Science in Hospitality Management is a five-semester program with the opportunity to engage in different areas of industry, as well as gaining practical experience with industry professionals during a required internship.  The degree fulfills some prerequisites for admissions to the University of Montana, School of Business Administration for those students with eyes on a Bachelor Degree.  

Adult Continuing Education

Classes are offered through SELL (the School of Extended and Lifelong Learning), at the University of Montana.  We teach classes for the MOLLI organization. 

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New Programs

Partnership with Missoula Food Bank in the distribution of food in Missoula and also teaching classes for the clients of the Missoula Food Bank. 

Big Sky Culinary Institute is currently working to develop a Food Security Program to include Food Processing.  BSCI is working to solve the hunger problems on a local level and hope to spread this throughout the state and Northwest.