Community Involvement


Are you a community partner and are interested in participating in an event, class, or guest speaking for up-and-coming hospitality professionals?  Are you hoping that we can help provide a service for your business or organization? Do you want to hire our graduates or participate in internships?


Community service is an integral part of our mission.  BSCI firmly believes that being an outstanding community steward is a vital part of the student experience and helps to motivate and retain students and faculty.  This being said, because we only have a limited amount of time, students, and resources, we cannot participate or help with every request we receive.  Here our are guidelines for choosing who to partner with:

  • The event, activity, or partnership must help develop the students' skills as leaders, mentors, and culinarians.  The activity must directly correlate with student learning outcomes that are being covered during that part of their curriculum.  Example: we actively seek participating in catering events when the students are enrolled in Catering Management.
  • We need to see a return on our investment, and not necessarily monetary.  Even though donations are amazing to help our student population, a return on our investment may also include the ability to recruit students and faculty or provide a dynamic learning experience the students would not get in the classroom. For faculty demonstration requests, this experience must help promote professional growth as educators.
  • The relationship must go both ways and be able to surpass the initial request.  We like being friends for the long-run.  So, we will not accept requests for partnerships that do not benefit our program overtime or will only be a one-time request.