Lab Members

Research Associates

Connor Armstad, Research Associate

Maggie Riordan, Research Associate/Arizona Field Supervisor/Data Manager

Graduate Students

William Blake, MS Candidate - Wildlife

Andrew Boyce, PhD Candidate - Wildlife

Karolina Fierro, PhD Candidate - Wildlife

Adam Mitchell, MS Student - Wildlife

James Mouton, PhD Student - OBE

Juan Oteyza, PhD Candidate - Wildlife

Riccardo Ton, PhD Candidate - OBE

Recent Graduates

Daniel Barton: PhD completed 2012. Ecological causes of life history variation tested by meta-analysis, comparison, and experimental approaches.

Atilio Luis Biancucci: MS completed 2009 - Does nest size constrain clutch size? A tropical-temperate test.

Anna Chalfoun: PhD completed 2006 - Demographic and behavioral responses of breeding birds to variation in food, nest predation, and habitat structure across multiple spatial scales.

Yi-Ru Cheng: MS completed 2008 - Differential growth of body components among coexisting passerine species in response to nest predation risk.

Joseph J. Fontaine: PhD completed 2006 - Physiological, life history and behavioral responses of a breeding bird community to experimentally reduced nest predation risk.

Amy Johnson: MS Completed 2010 - Habitat influences on avian diversity and reproductive success in western aspen forests.

Joe LaManna: PhD completed 2015 - Predation risk and vegetation effects on avian diversity, species turnover, reproduction, and fitness.

Ania Majewska: MS Completed 2010 - Importance of slow embryonic development in offspring and adult immune function.

Alina Niklison: MS completed 2007 - Influence of embryonic metabolic rate and incubation temperature on incubation length variation in neotropical passerines.

Brian Schwartz: MS completed 2008 - Bi-parental incubation: Comparisons of sex-specific investment in tropical birds.