Information for New Employees

Required Training for New Hires

Visit our Training Requirements page to see what training is required for your job.

Time Cards


Required Forms for New Hires

Use this link to the Human Resources webpage   You will need to fill out all forms under the tab "ALL TEMPORARY POSITIONS" (except the temporary staff hire form which will be filld out by Unit personnel).

After signing these forms, you may scan and email to the Unit, or send by mail.   The PERS Optional Membership form MUST be an original signature.  Please send this completed form by mail or drop it off at the Unit office.

NOTE: If you live out of the Missoula area your paychecks will be held on campus. If you choose to have them mailed, fill out the AUTHORIZATION TO MAIL CHECK form listed in the drop box and send it in with your hiring papers.

If you elect to have your paychecks Direct Deposited, your first paycheck will be held on campus (or mailed if you live out of the Missoula area). This is necessary in order to make sure your bank routing information has been entered correctly.

Please contact the office if you have questions on filling out forms: or (406) 243-4388

Mail completed forms to:

Montana Coop Wildlife Research Unit
University of Montana
Attn: Tina Anderson
Natural Science Building - Room 205
Missoula, MT 59812