About MGA

Established in 1992, the Montana Geographic Alliance (MGA) is a member of the national Geographic Alliance Network organized by the National Geographic Education Foundation to promote geography education throughout the U.S.

The MGA is a network of K-12 teachers and administrators, state education policymakers, college and university faculty, and non-profit and private sector partners dedicated to improving students' geographic skills, understandings, and career preparation across disciplines. Although the rich geography of Montana is the primary focus of MGA activities, we also strive to provide members with a global perspective of current issues in geographic science.

We accomplish these goals primarily through supporting teacher professional development, and assisting teachers in locating superior classroom tools and resources. We take a user-centered approach to this work, striving to be responsive, inclusive, and transparent in all endeavors.

Our work is supported by the National Geographic Education Foundation and The University of Montana. Our collaborators include the Montana Association of Geographic Information Professionals (MAGIP), the Montana Office of Public Instruction Indian Education for All Initiative, the University of Montana Geography Club and the international geographic honor society - Gamma Theta Upsilon.