Giant Traveling Maps

Montana Giant Traveling Map

The Giant Map of MT will begin traveling to schools across the state on 10/22/18. To request the Giant Map of MT, please fill out this form. Requests will be honored on a first come first served basis and preference will be given to schools that have not yet used the Giant Map of MT.

Program Overview

The State Giant Traveling Map Program utilizes classroom-sized floor maps to promote an interactive, hands-and-feet-on learning experience for third and fourth grade students. This program draws on the success of the Giant Traveling Map Program.

To increase rates of geographic literacy in our country, students must not only master geographical skills, but also learn to appreciate and value the need for a solid understanding of geographical concepts. Therefore, the purpose of the SGTM program is to not only increase students’ map skills, but to also promote positive attitudes towards geography while providing teachers with an adaptive curriculum and new resource to use in their classroom.

MGA provides this resource to teachers in our state for no cost. The map and materials are delivered on a Monday and picked up the following Friday from the main office of your school. The lesson book and materials list is available on our website for you to preview before requesting to borrow or receiving the map. Make sure to check out our state specific lesson, Road Trip Around the Reservations. If any teachers are interested in contributing their own state specific lesson, please contact


In the past two years, the Giant Traveling Map of Montana visited all of these schools!

Seeley Lake School, Potomac School, Clinton School, Target Range School, Sussex School, Valley Christian School, Clancy Elementary School, West Elementary, Sheridan School, Anderson School, Pine Creek Elementary, Joliet Schools, Belfry School, Washington Elementary, Judith Gap School, Big Sandy Jr./Sr High School, Dutton/Brady School, Conrad Junior High School, Pondera Colony School, Heart Butte School, Fortine School, West Valley School, Plains Elementary, St. Ignatius Elementary, Sentinel High School, Hellgate Elementary, Lewis and Clark Elementary, Whittier Elementary, Broadwater Elementary, East Side Intermediate School, Bench Elementary, McKinely School, Florence-Carlton Elementary, Ovando School, Forsyth High School, Bainville School, Zurich School, Choteau Elementary, Troy High School, Riverside Middle School, Polson Middle School, and Linderman Elemantary!