New Regional Geographic Alliances

National Geographic Alliance Network Transition

The National Geographic Society has supported education initiatives to ensure that the next generation is armed with geographic knowledge and global understanding. The Society has created a grassroots network of Geographic Alliances, established endowments to support geography education throughout the United States and focused on education professional development, state policy and the creation of resources and materials.

Recently, the National Geographic Society announced that it is re-affirming its commitment to geography education to integrate resources and assets and support educators through a highly interactive and integrated community that includes educators, explorers, storytellers, and photographers. As part of this "doubling down" on education, National Geographic is reconceptualizing the structure of the grassroots network to better leverage its expertise and technology and to make an even greater impact on students with more direct funding to educators.

National Geographic's commitment to geographic knowledge is unchanged; however, the Society is modernizing its approach and focusing its work. The National Geographic Society will have a new model with full-time National Geographic staff in each of six regions across the country. National Geographic will no longer support the Network of Alliances for Geographic Education after December 31, 2018. The MontanaGeographic Alliance, funded as part of this program, will complete its work by the end of the year.

Individuals will be invited to become part of the National Geographic Online Educator Network and participate in local projects sponsored by National Geographic.