Costs and Scholarships

So What Will This Cost Me?

Our Dual Enrollment (DE) Program offers high schoolers a great opportunity to earn college credit early. While this opportunity isn't free, it offers substantial savings (50% off standard MC tuition rates) for participants. The first two courses (up to 6 credits) are offered tuition-free to students in our DE program through our 1-2-FREE Program

Any courses taken thereafter, for both concurrently enrolled and early college students, are $55/credit for tuition. Other costs, particularly for Early College students such as books, fees, and other accessories, will arise as well. 

There is further scholarship available for students who (themselves or their households):

- receive free or reduced lunch

- participate in Montana Healthy Kids and or medicaid

- receive SNAP or WIC benefits 

- participate in the Head Start Program

- are McKinney-Vento participants  

- receive TANF or SSI benefits 

- receive a Section 8 Housing Voucher 

If any of you or your families receive any of these services, you are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Apply here.

If you have any questions, contact our Dual Enrollment Coordinator Jordan Patterson at

Dual Enrollment 1-2-Free Program