Commercial Driver's License Training

Missoula College CDL Training

Next Training Dates:

March 21, 2022 (weather permitting)

May 9, 2022

June 27, 2022 

Aug 15, 2022

Fee:  $5000.00

There is possible funding available through the Missoula Job Service to help pay the cost of the CDL tuition.  Please contact their office at 406-728-7060 to find out if you qualify.

Application Deadlines: 

March 14, 2022 for the March 21, 2022 training

April 25, 2022 for the May 9, 2022 training 

June 20, 2022 for the June 27, 2022 training 

Aug 8, 2022 for the Aug 15, 2022 training


Andrew Tode - Ph: 406-243-7637 -

                        - Cell: 406-926-9332

Jay Schweitzer - 406-243-7637 -

Larry Reinholz - Cell: 406-550-7450 -


Missoula College West Campus

2795 37th Ave, Missoula MT  59804 

 Missoula College is committed to providing a comprehensive CDL training program which offers an ideal learning environment for new truck drivers to develop driving skills in a commercial vehicle and prepares the drivers to obtain their Class A Commercial Driver’s License. 



Please mail the following documents to Missoula College, Attn;  Susan Graham, 1205 E Broadway, Missoula MT  59802 or call Susan Graham at 406-243-7870 to schedule a time to submit the documents in person.

  1. CDL Application form:

  2. Download the Notification to Report Immediately for Testing form.  Call the Chemnet Consortium at (800) 597-7103 to prepay the drug testing fee of $65.00.  You will need to take the form with you to the testing center so that the results can be reported to Missoula College.
  3. ELDT Registration Form:  The ELDT mandate is a federal requirement for entry-level commercial truck driver training, which means that all CDL training providers must abide by these standards when providing training for new students.  To demonstrate proficiency in the skills and knowledge of the ELDT, students must score a minimum of 80 percent on the their assessment.  In addition, students cannot qualify for the CDL exam until they've received E:DT training.
  4. Query Request form:   
  5. Valid Montana Class D Driver’s License –clear from any outstanding warrants, suspensions or revocations.
  6. DOT Physical Card issued by a medical provider listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners or by calling Providence Occupational Health at 406-329-5746 to schedule your DOT physical appointment. ($60 - $170)  The Medical Examiner will provide you with a DOT Certificate.  This certificate is for your records and will be needed for your training and employment.
  7. CLP (Commercial Learners Permit) Students must be 18 years of age or older.  There are license restrictions on those younger than 21.  Montana has its own process to get your Montana CLP which not only includes the knowledge and skills requirements, but also residency and medical requirements. You can obtain a free copy of the Montana CDL Handbook at the local DMV office by downloading it from the Montana website at
  8. Background Check:  Students may initiate this process by going to  Please print your background check results and attach to the program application.  Your result will be provided to Missoula College by the provider. 

Course Outline:

This program provides excellent Commercial Driver License training at a competitive cost.

Orientation – Week 1

Drug and Alcohol test scheduled, Registration with the FMCSA. 

Driver Training – Week 2-6

Training to help the student pass the driving test and includes the following driving competencies: 

  • Mandatory Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT)
  • Pre-trip inspection 
  • In cab inspection
  • Hours of service
  • Learn to clutch and shift gears
  • Driving truck and trailer through in-town traffic
  • Backing truck and trailer properly
  • Driving truck and trailer on highway and county roads
  • Close proximity driving and backing
  • Fuel optimization and truck operations
  • Total of 15 Hours of actual driving time


  • Test in the same truck you trained in
  • Meets the DOT/FMCSA training requirement
  • We help you connect with employers