Culinary Opportunities for Teachers

East Coast/Low Country Cuisine

The 2018 Tips for Teachers Culinary class is all about East Coast/Low Country Cuisine and will take place June 18-22 in the kitchens at River Campus. The course covers cuisine from Maryland to South Carolina, and will run from 8am to 4pm each day. Students will earn 2 undergraduate credits.

Class Objectives

  • Map of East Coast areas covered in Tips for Teachers Course: from Maryland to South CarolinaTo introduce a hands-on approach to principles and techniques of authentic East Coast/Low Country Cuisine.
  • To discuss the history and influences that make the classic dishes from Maryland to South Carolina what they are today.
  • To describe the ingredients and methods to suit preparations designed to create a variety of these regional favorites.
  • To describe the characteristics, functions and food sources of the major ingredients and how to maximize authenticity.
  • To apply the principles learned through menu planning and food preparation/

This course is closed. We look forward to welcoming teachers to campus. Check back next year for another Tips for Teachers Culinary opportunity.