Montana 10 offers the following 10 items to help you succeed: 

  • Dedicated orientation program for Montana 10 Scholars
  • Special Montana 10 advisor who knows you and your goals
  • A waiver covering all tuition and mandatory fees that remain after you apply for and receive financial aid (Pell Grant)
  • A textbook stipend every semester
  • A monthly incentive worth $50
  • Freshman seminar course specifically designed to successfully launch your college career
  • A full-time schedule (30 credits per year)
  • Tutoring specifically for Montana 10 Scholars
  • Specialized math and writing courses
  • Career development workshops to prepare you for your chosen career after graduation
This is all in addition to the many student support services at the University of Montana already offers. 


To be eligible for Montana 10, you will need to:

  • Be admitted to the University of Montana (go to UM Admission's website)
  • Complete your FAFSA and be Pell-eligible ( go to FAFSA website
  • Be a freshman with fewer than 15 credits
  • Attend University of Montana full-time (30 credits per year)

 The four boxes state be an admitted UM student, complete your FAFSA and be Pell-eligible, be a freshman with fewer than 15 credits, and take a full-time schedule (30 credits per year).