Museum Studies Certificate



The Montana Museum of Art and Culture and School of Visual and Media Arts at the University of Montana invite you to apply for their new:

Opening Fall 2023

Announcing the Only Advanced Certificate in Museum Studies in Montana and the Inland Northwest

Catalog Description

The certificate offers graduate-level knowledge, specialized skills, and practical training in the burgeoning field of museums and galleries. It is a 12-credit course of study with a field project conducted during the course of 3 semesters.* Students take five 2-credit seminars a-la-carte for 10 credits and one 2-credit Field Project Seminar to complete the certificate. Each seminar includes intensive courses tailored for museum professionals and focused on lectures, presentations, discussions, group assignments, and hands-on learning in the museum and gallery setting. This is a low-residential, hybrid certificate with coursework delivered in-person and synchronously online and the Field Project Seminar held on campus or remotely from a recognized museum or gallery.

First year offerings will include exciting courses taught by experienced specialists in the field:

  1. Introduction to Archives Theory and Practice, Donna McCrea (Head of Archives and Special Collections / Professor, UM Mansfield Library)
  2. Exhibition Design, Cathryn Mallory (Director, UM Gallery of Visual Arts)
  3. Museum Education & Administration, Kay Grissom (Curator of Education, Missoula Arts Museum)
  4. Museum History & Theory, Dr. Rafael Chacón (Director, Montana Museum of Art and Culture)
  5. Leading and Communicating in Nonprofit Organizations, Dr. Betsy Bach (UM Emerita Professor in Communication)
  6. Field Project, Dr. Rafael Chacón (Director, Montana Museum of Art and Culture)

New course topics will be added in 2024 in areas as diverse as: collections management (policies, practices, and procedures), museum administration (ethical, legal, financial, leadership, audience- and donor-building), and specialized museums (military history, historical, natural history museums, etc.).

*as defined in Board of Regents Policy 301.1.

For information about enrolling, contact: Rafael Chacón at or call 406-241-2252