Asian Art Collection

Chinese Bronze

Chinese Grave Figurines, wood,
polychrome, mounted on a carved
brass base, n.d., 4 1/2 inches high,
Donated by Stella Duncan

This collection contains several important works donated by Fra Dana, including a late Ming painting of lotus blossoms, a pair of mid-19th century Sumiyoshi-school scrolls, and two painted screens.  A gift from Stella Duncan focuses on Chinese acquisitions, including an 18th century painting on silk of a Manchu court lady, a T'ang ceramic horse, and Qing grave figures.  Other objects include an 18th century Chinese scroll previously owned by Pearl S. Buck, donated by Bruno Friaa; an album of 19th century Chinese figurative paintings donated by Wilfred Kay; and Chinese and Japanese ceramics of the 17th-19th centuries.  Finally, the collection includes a rare suit of medieval Japanese armour.