Virtual Visits


Image of Virtual Tour

Matterport, Screenshot of Movement: Graphics and the Olympic Games Virtual Tour, 2021


still photo of a thistle

Buswell, Thistle, silver galatin print.

Virtual Tours

  1. Imagining the West: Selections from the Stan and Donna Goodbar Collection. Spring 2022.
  2. Speyer Collection of Contemporary Art: Evidence of Flight an Ornithological Selection Fall 2021.
  3. Avis marvelous: Ornithology in 19th ce. Art and Science. Fall 2021.
  4.  "Movement: Graphics and the Olympic Games" ( Summer 2021.
  5.  "Richard S. Buswell: 50 Years of Photography"  Summer 2021.
  6. Homage to Africa” online. For the Tony Hoyt Collection. Spring 2021.
  7. The Molly Shepherd African Art exhibition.  Spring 2021.
  8. The “Works in Progress” exhibition. Winter 2020.
  9. The “Bookish” exhibition. Winter 2020.

Virtual Content for a Virtual World

We are the MMAC

Announcing a new video in the continuing project by our intern Sean Nettleton interviewing our interns, staff and volunteers about their experiences. We hope you take the time to see why the MMAC is such a special place for our students. The the most recent interview is of the brilliant Jerod Peitsmeyer on the topic of his MA thesis at UM. Jerod speaks about our ancient Greek amphora. To find this and other videos in this series please visit our Outnumber channel here.

The MMAC announces a free series called “The Director Speaks: Homage to Africa.” This is a 6-part series by Dr. Rafael Chacón on the splendid arts of Africa in conjunction with the current exhibition. The half-hour presentations can be found at MMAC’s YouTube channel by clicking on:

Check us out on Outnumber!