State Sustainability Coaches

PAX State Sustainability Coaches have been trained to support school leadership teams and PAX Partners in implementing PAX. Sustainability Coaches can provide on- site consultation, assessment of implementation, implementation team training and brief kernel reviews with staff.

Additional Recourses


Partner Regional Meeting Ideas

Ideas and resources for monthly PAX Partner monthly meetings.

Implementation Team Development Form

Use this form to guide the development of a PAX GBG Implementation Team.

Intervention Alignment

Use this form to guide your Implementation Team in aligning school initiatives to PAX GBG.

PAX Installation Planning Form

Use this form to guide your Implementation Team Planning for data collection, communication and professional development when implementing PAX GBG.

Consensus Development Flow Chart

Provides the necessary steps to obtain staff consensus when introducing a new innovation or intervention.

Meet our wonderful PAX coaches! 

(Not pictured but equally as important: Karissa Gordon and Christine White)

Check out the slideshow of 5 items below:

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