Full-Implementation banner
  • Teachers skillfully employ new practices
  • Infrastructure in place to support teachers
  • Implement plan for integrating new learning at all levels (new teacher training, booster sessions, new strategies)

Full implementation is reached when teachers are competent and confident in implementing the new program and student outcome goals are achieved. All process and procedures are fully in place to support the program and the system has recalibrating to accommodate and support the new ways of work.

What are PAX partners?

A PAX Partner is an onsite coach that supports teachers implementing PAX. PAX Partners do this by modeling PAX strategies, meeting with teachers, or supporting the development of tiered interventions.

Some PAX Partner responsibilities include:

  • Facilitate PAX implementation Team meetings if school is not implementing MBI
  • Attend MBI meetings and form a work group to support PAX GBG implementation
  • Assist MBI teams with development of Tier 2 and 3 PAX GBG interventions (re-teaching, pre-teaching, targeted groups)
  • Assist MBI team or PAX Implementation Team in the development of a school-wide PAX GBG implementation plan that includes data collection, roll-out, fidelity checks and plans for sustainability
  • Provide on-site coaching for teachers and PLC when necessary
  • Model strategies and train staff in PAX GBG implementation at staff meetings and early outs
  • Support principal in using the PAX UP Administrator App to monitor PAX implementation
  • Support teacher use of the PAX Up App
  • Create PAX Vision with staff
  • Send out monthly PAX newsletter of tips to teachers
  • Assist External Coach with data collection and development of training materials

For more information on PAX Partners and Partner training visit the PAX website