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  • Develop communication pathways
  • Ensure financial and human resources are in place
  • Find physical space
  • Purchase equipment and technology
  • Develop practitioner competency

The installation phase begins once the decision has been made to implement a program. The team must consider the multiple settings and systems necessary to fully support the new program or innovation. A key function of this stage is to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of teachers and administrators. This requires developing and executing a plan for training, coaching and data systems.

Implementation Team Training


This course, designed to be taken as a group by school leadership, will assist teams in developing durable systems to support effective practices using implementation science. Participants will learn about:

  • implementation science
  • creating an effective, problem-solving team
  • aligning initiatives
  • gaining staff consensus 
  • developing systems for data collection
  • communication
  • professional development and coaching

Teams will walk away with an action plan for the upcoming year to support the implementation of a new initiative or intervention. Once teams have learned this process, they can apply it to any new intervention or initiative being considered by the school or district.


The eLearning course is located below and is available anytime. To start, click on the button below that says start here and follow these steps:

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  4. Check the boxes indicating you agree to the previous policies, then click “next” on the left-hand side.
  5. Choose your username and password. 
  6. Enter your personal information and click on “Create My New Account.” 
  7. Once you are logged in, click on the “Home” button, located under your profile or to the left of your dashboard. 
  8. Select the Center's logo to access the course. Enjoy your training!

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Readiness Checklist

Intervention Alignment Form

Use this form to guide your Implementation Team in aligning school initiatives to PAX GBG.

Pax Installation Planning Form

Use this form to guide your Implementation Team Planning for data collection, communication and professional development when implementing PAX GBG.