PAX Partners are trained to support school implementation and improve outcomes for students. PAX Partners can offer coaching, modeling of kernels, spleem counting and technical support to educators implementing PAX GBG.


PAX Partner Job Description

Description of PAX Partner activities to support PAX implementation in schools.

Partner Support Checklist

Use this document to guide your activities to support teachers in your school.

PAX Partner Scan

PAX Partner Scan can be used to determine the health and productivity of a classroom. Schools are using the scan instead of Spleem counts!

Student in PAX Leader t-shirt
Hannah showing off her new PAX Leader t-shirt
For additional resources and reproducible go to PAX Good Behavior Game

Montana PAX Partner Support

State Sustainability Coaches will host monthly PAX Partner Meetings where Partners can hear from their peers and problem solve implementation. To get a PAX Partner meeting schedule, contact


Several school systems in Summit County have chosen to use the PAX Good Behavior Game as a way to manage and encourage good behavior in the classroom. The tool has been effective in preventing disruptive activity and teaches students self-regulation, self-control and self-management in working with others.