PAX for Peace, Productivity, Health and Happiness

The PAX Good Behavior Game has proven to increase instruction time by up to one hour a day, helping teachers gain back valuable time to improve student achievement. PAX GBG can improve student outcomes by:

  • Decreasing identification for special education services
  • Decreasing office referrals and school-related violence
  • Improving reading scores
  • Improving standardized test scores in reading and mathematics
  • Increasing teacher job-satisfaction
Child at PAX program

Lucy receiving her PAX Leader Prizes

Getting Started-PAX Roll Out

We encourage leadership teams to roll PAX out school-wide a few Kernels at a time. On the PAX website, there are roll-out resources that guide schools through effective initial implementation. Once your school has implemented all 10 kernels, the team can focus on supporting teachers in playing the game.  Teachers are encouraged to consult with their PAX Partners or school implementation team if they are experiencing difficulty implementing a kernel.

For additional resources and reproducible go to PAX Good Behavior Game


Several school systems in Summit County have chosen to use the PAX Good Behavior Game as a way to manage and encourage good behavior in the classroom. The tool has been effective in preventing disruptive activity and teaches students self-regulation, self-control and self-management in working with others.