Student Groups

Room Rates

First Floor
Space ASUM Organizations
Atrium Labor only ($50-$100)
Atrium - Center No charge
Atrium - North No charge
Atrium - South No charge
Information Table No charge
Second Floor
Rooms 207, 215, 216, 222, 223, 224 No charge
UC Commons Labor only ($50-$100)
Third Floor
Room 326/327 No charge
Rooms 330/331, 331/332, 332/333 No charge
Rooms 330/331/332, 331/332/333 Labor only ($50)
Room 330/331/332/333 Labor only ($100)
Room 329 (Alumni Boardroom) No charge
Rooms 326, 327, 330, 331, 332, 333 No charge
Meeting Room Foyer No charge
Ballroom Labor only ($100-$250)
Ballroom - North Labor only
Ballroom - South Labor only
Grand Foyer No charge
UC Theater Labor only ($50)
late change fee will be assessed if a significant change or addition is requested within 72 hours of the event. The client will also pay for associated labor at overtime rates.

Equipment and Amenities

Item Rate
Conference/speaker phone No charge
Event storage space No charge
Lectern/ettes No charge
Easel No charge
Coat track No charge
White/chalk board No charge
Overhead projector No charge
Room divider (16'x6.8') No charge
Flipchart holder No charge
Flipchart, paper & markers No charge
Extension cord No charge
International & domestic flags No charge
Laser pointer No charge
Mirror (4') No charge
Stage ramp No charge
Small screen No charge
Slide projector No charge
Data line/telephone port $20
Upright piano/baby grand (tuning) Varies
Black pipe & drape $20/section
Stage (4'x8'x16') $10/piece
Parking pass $3/day
UC linens $3.50 or $6.75 depending

Student organizations, agencies, and groups recognized by ASUM can use most spaces in the UC at no additional charge to the group. The room rental is covered by the UC Operations Fee; a mandatory fee paid by most UM students each semester. However, use of large event spaces such as the Ballroom, Commons, and third floor meeting rooms typically incur labor fees. Additionally, groups that conduct or sponsor an event in these rooms will be charged at internal rates if an admission, registration, or participation fee is collected (this policy also applies to fundraisers). If a fee is charged to participants, the group will pay for costs associated with the use of the facility which may include setup and teardown, room rental (at internal rates), custodial services, equipment, and security. Labor fees may apply to cover the cost of setup and teardown and custodial services.

Labor fees are generally assessed with the use of larger event spaces e.g., the Ballroom, UC Commons, and third floor meeting rooms, especially when catering is provided. Student groups assume responsibility and will be held liable for any damage to University Center property occurring during the event; including lost, stolen and/or damaged equipment; and custodial fees if deemed necessary after the event. The UM Conference and Event Planning staff will work with each group to determine the nature and purpose of the event and determine any applicable fees. Groups will need a completed “ASUM Expenditure Approval Form,” which is available from the ASUM Office Manager or Accountant, in order to incur any expenses associated with the rental of space and/or equipment in the UC or provision of catering. This form must be received by the UM Conference and Event Planning Office prior to the event.  


  • Sponsors of events assume joint responsibility for the event.
  • Both the student organization/department and sponsor of the event must be actively involved with the initiation, coordination, planning, advertising and production of the event.
  • Expenses of the event can be paid the participating outside client or the student group.
  • Sponsor must be prepared to assume responsibility for any damage caused during the event and any unpaid charges.

Audio & Visual Services

Equipment per-day Fee
Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) No charge
AV cart No charge
VGA cable or HDMI cable w/ use of projector/laptop No charge
TV with DVD/VCR (mobile) No charge
Laptop (free with LCD rental) $25
LCD/digital projector (mobile and fixed) $25
Portable screen (12'x9') No charge
Tech labor (per hour fee) $30/hour
Pedal Power PA system Labor only
Microphone/1st sound output $25
Additional microphones/sound output $8
Basic sound amplification (2 mains, 2 mics/inputs) $70
Coffee shop (2 mains & monitors, 8 inputs) $90
Additional speakers (2 mains or subs) $40
Small concert (4 mains & monitors, 20 inputs) $175
1/2 UMP (4 mid-hi, 2 subs) $400
2/3 UMP (4 mid-hi, 2 subs, 4 monitors) $600
Full UMP concert $1,000
UC Theater lights $23
Basic lighting (2-6 lights, dimmer) $38
Full lighting (truss, genies, 20 lights, dimmers) $400
Electrical hookup for full lighting package $100
Video camera & recorded copy of event $38