Rooms & Specifications

UC 1st Floor

The UC Atrium

The atrium gardens are comprised of a diverse blend of tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate plant species. Walking into the UC’s atrium - especially in the wintertime - transports visitors to the pleasant surroundings of a tropical garden. The addition of running water in the form of a bubbling brook provides a sense of serenity felt by all who frequent the building.  The atrium can be reserved for tabling, tradeshows, performances, and receptions.

UC 2nd Floor

Meeting Rooms

If you have a small group or need additional breakout space, the second floor offers six additional meeting rooms. Each room has a permanent meeting table and chairs along with a large white board and featured artwork on the walls.

UC Commons

The UC Commons, located on the 2nd floor, offers another large space for banquets or tradeshows when school is not in session. The UC Commons features full length windows overlooking the Library Mall as well as pillars draped in live plants. The room is easily transformed in to an elegant room that can hold up to 500 guests.

UC 3rd Floor


At 10,437 square feet, the ballroom boasts beautiful hardwood floors and windows that frame an exquisite view of Mount Sentinel. The ballroom can be divided into North and South halves by a soundproof air wall in order to create space for smaller events. The Ballroom is highly versatile to accommodate groups of any size.

Our six meeting rooms offer flexible room configurations with soundproof dividers, variable lighting, public address systems, data port, Internet connection, and multi-media capabilities.

Alumni Boardroom

The Alumni Boardroom is a beautiful meeting room with a large table and cushy boardroom chairs as well as equipped with Internet connection and multi-media capabilities.


The University Center houses a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose theater. The theater has multi-media capabilities ranging from LCD displays, satellite downlink, 35 and 16mm films, DVD and VHS viewings all on a cinema theater screen along with surround sound. With capacity for 300 persons, the theater is ideal for general sessions, guest speakers, films, PowerPoint or any special presentation.

Room Capacities

Room Name Square Feet Dimensions Lecture Classroom Reception Banquet
Ballroom 10,437 100'x104' 1000 400 1000 700
North Ballroom 5,360 50'x105' 500 200 500 350
South Ballroom 5,187 50'x104' 500 200 500 350
Grand Foyer 3,024 24'x126' N/A N/A 300 N/A
3rd Fl. Rooms (2) 680 22'x31' 45 27 45 40
3rd Fl. Rooms (4) 700 25'x28' 45 27 45 40
Combination 1 1,360 31'x44' 90 72 90 80
Combination 2 1,400 28'x50' 90 72 90 80
Combination 3 2,100 28'x75' 135 117 140 120
Combination 4 2,800 28'x100' 180 162 185 160
Boardroom 700 25'x28' N/A 18 N/A N/A
Meeting Foyer 1,400 25'x56' N/A N/A 100 N/A
Theater 2,835 45'x63' 300 N/A N/A N/A
UC Commons 9,424 124'x76' 600 200 600 500
2nd Fl. Rooms (5) 378 18'x21' N/A 16 N/A N/A
2nd Fl. Room 207 483 21'x23' N/A 25 N/A N/A
North Atrium 600 20'x30' N/A N/A 140 N/A
South Atrium 600 20'x30' N/A N/A 140 N/A