Event Planning Tips

Engagement Season

Webtile with a wedding cake and rings It’s the beginning of 2017, which means we’re smack dab in the middle of engagement season. What do couples need to be on the lookout for once they get engaged?

Having Your Meeting on Campus

Where to Have Your Meeting on CampusYour meeting room can determine the success of your meeting. Not only is the equipment important, the environment of the meeting room can alter people’s focus and attitudes going into a meeting.

Catering to Your Taste Buds

Catering to Your Taste Buds infograph/webtileWhether you need a full meal, snacks, or just a dessert, UM Catering has you covered. They provide an array of options in order to help you find exactly what you desire.

6 Top Outdoor Venues at UM

6 Outdoor Venues Infograph/WebtileFrom deciding on a guest list, to making sure the event runs smoothly, the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your space will work.

10 Tips For An Affordable Wedding

Webtile with infograph saying Planning a wedding is always stressful, especially when you’re trying to keep it affordable. Here are the MTES crew's top ten tips for keeping your wedding affordable.

Have Your Conference At UM

10 Reasons to have your event at UM.
The location of a conference not only sets the tone; it helps keep everyone comfortable and productive for however long they are there. Here at UM, we are committed to providing just that for your conference.

5 Ways To Have A Green Event

Limiting the impact a large gathering has on the environment can be a daunting task. From the building you meet in to the food you serve, here are some tips for practicing sustainability at your next event.

Adventure In The Garden City

Slide that says What is it about Missoula that people are drawn to? With almost 70,000 people living here, and around 3 million visiting annually, this place has that small-town feeling mixed with that big-city heart.

Making Your Event Accessible

5 Ways UM Can Make Your Event Accessible

UM works together across campus to be accessible and remove barriers to education and facility use for people with physical or mental disabilities. ALDs available. 

10 Things To Do On Campus

10 Reasons to have your event at UM.

From the free high speed wifi available to the breathtaking views, the UM campus has a little something for everyone. We've gathered the top ten reasons why you should have your next event at UM.