Performing Arts and Radio/Television Center

The Performing Arts/Radio Television building houses the office complex of the Dean of the School of Fine Arts, the Henry Meloy Gallery, Paxon Gallery, the offices of the Department of Drama/Dance and the Montana Repertory Theatre, the Montana Theatre, Masquer Theatre, Open Space Performance Lab, and shops for scenery, costume, lighting and sound.

Also housed in the building is the Broadcast Media Center which, includes studios for KUFM National Public Radio and the studios of KUFM-TV.


Dance Studios

Masquer Theatre – Black Box Theater 

The performance space seats a maximum of 250 people. There is a permanent 32' by 32' pit built into the floor of the theatre that can be covered with traditional platforming. A series of interconnected lighting/scenery catwalks are located 18' above the audience level with the lighting, sound, and stage manager booth located above one section of seating. 

Montana Theater

Seating capacity of 499. In PAR –TV building.

Open Space

A performance area in the Performing Arts and Radio/Television Center.

PAR/TV Center Lobby

UMArts Box Office

Located in the PAR/TV Center, the UMArts Box Office is your ideal location to purchase tickets to performaing arts events affiliated with the College of Visial and Performaing Arts.

Montana Museum of Art and Culture

The Montana Museum of Art and Culture (MMAC) at the University of Montana is located in the Performing Arts and Radio/Televsion Center (PART/TV Center) with offices in Main Hall. There is an 11,000 piece permanent collection that rotates in the Meloy and Paxson galleries in the PAR/TV Center on the north end of campus near the Adams Center. The MMAC became a state museum in 2001 and is one of Montana’s oldest and most prominent cultural reserves.


Part of the UM campus (which is tucked between mountain, river, and western Montana's most populated city), the Montana Museum of Art & Culture has many treasures.

Transportation & Parking
Missoula, Montana is accessible by international airport and interstate highway. To reach campus, there are several options--some alleviate the need for parking.


MMAC welcomes tours.  Please give us at least one weeks notice so we can tailor the tour to your needs, age group, etc.


The Montana Museum of Art & Culture is wheelchair accessible.