2018-2019 Chamber Chorale Auditions

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2018-2019 Auditions

The Chamber Chorale is UM’s premier choral ensemble chosen by competitive audition, including callbacks, each year. 

At your individual placement meeting with Dr. Duffy, you may be invited to callbacks for Chamber Chorale, which will take place on Monday, August 27, from 6-9 p.m.  In that case you will receive an excerpt to prepare. At the callback auditions, you may have the opportunity to vocalize individually and in small groups or sections, and to sing the prepared excerpt in quartets. Members of last year's Chamber Chorale will be granted a callback but should still meet with Dr. Duffy beforehand. Link for your placement sign-up meeting:

I look forward to meeting each of you and hearing you sing!

Please contact me with any questions.

Dr. Coreen Duffy 
Music Rm. 12