Participant Information

UM Buddy DeFranco Jazz Festival 2020

Dear Participant, 

We are delighted that you have selected to participate in the UM Buddy DeFranco Jazz Festival 2021. We are so excited for you to join us for this festival, in a new format.  Through FREE registration, you and your students will enjoy a video library of over 30 videos for middle school, high school, and college-level musicians for an entire month!  We also invite you to a free festival performance featuring the world-class UM Jazz Faculty and the award-winning UM Jazz Program students.  


  • Paul Harshman (Seattle)
  • Steve Roach (Cal-State Sacramento)
  • Steve Owen (University of Oregon)
  • Michael Sakash (Portland, ME)
  • Ellen Rowe (University of Michigan)

And much more!

Tickets for the Livestream Concert are here or scan the QR code below



Videos Access

Once you have registered you will be given a link to over 30 incredible videos for you to use at any time during the festival month (March 15-April 15). There are Masterclasses on every instrument for Middle School, High School and College level as well as videos available on topics such as improvisation, choosing jazz literature and much more!

Ensemble Videos & Critique

If you are currently running your groups face to face or online you can have your group perform via video/audio for feedback DURING your rehearsal time. Registration fees (see below) provide ensemble critiques for Big Bands, Small Groups, and Instrumental Soloists by internationally recognized Jazz Educators.

*Directors submit a video and one of 5 nationally acclaimed jazz educators will set up Zoom feedback with YOUR ensemble during one of your weekly rehearsals. 


Educator Discussion & Feedback

Educators can also request a private one-on-one discussion with your clinician with your ENSEMBLE REGISTRATION FEE to better help you with questions and suggestions. This will be scheduled with your clinician at the same time you arrange your ensemble feedback.

Seating Chart & Solo Sheet

Please fill out the Seating Chart and the Soloist Sheet provided and email Rob Tapper our clinicians and guest artists can work with your group in the most personal fashion possible.

Concert Information

  • Our Gala Festival Concert with the Award-Winning UM Jazz Groups is FREE and is on Thursday, March 25th at 7:30pm MST.
  • This concert will feature the UM Artist Faculty including:
    • David Morgenroth, piano
    • Johan Eriksson, saxophone
    • Jeff Troxel, guitar
    • Tommy Sciple, bass
    • Bob LedBetter, drum set
    • Rob Tapper, trombone

Performance and Critique Information


Big Band Registration ($150)

Your group should prepare a 20-minute performance video

Ensemble critique will be 30-minutes by a nationally recognized Jazz Artists/Educator

 *Educator Discussion Included


Small Group Registration ($75)

Your Small Group should prepare a(15-minute performance video

Ensemble critique will be 30-minutes by a nationally recognized Jazz Artist/Educator

 *Educator Discussion Included


Instrumental Soloist Registration ($40)

Soloists should prepare a 10-minute performance video

              *Two tunes maximum – One tune should be a blues

Soloist critique will be 15-minutes by a nationally recognized Jazz Artist/Educator



Master Classes

There are videos available for every instrument along with rhythm section masterclasses for all levels.

Thank you for taking the time to be a part of our festival. We are all very excited about this event. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using the contact information below.

Looking forward,

Rob Tapper                        
UM Director of Jazz Activities