Freshman Orientation Options

Welcome to the Griz Family!

UM Mountain Campus students beginning in the fall will attend both a Bear Tracks Registration Event and Fall New Student Orientation.  Students starting in the spring will not complete Bear Tracks.

We are excited you chose to become a Grizzly! Here's some information to help you get started with your transition to campus. The New Student Orientation experience extends far beyond course registration. It provides you an opportunity to become engaged with your classmates and your community, to gain the necessary tools to become a successful student, to understand your new responsibilities as a UM student, as well as gain insight to some of the challenges and opportunities you could face in college.

Be sure to complete the Pre-Orientation Checklist!

UM Mountain Campus Freshman

Spring Admission

New Student Orientation: January 9-10, 2020

Spring Orientation is designed to serve students who are beginning their first semester in January.  This is a two-day program that will allow you to get to know your peers, meet academic advisors and faculty, and familiarize yourself with campus resources and opportunities.

Register here for spring New Student Orientation!

Fall Admission

Students beginning in the fall will attend both a Registration Event and Fall New Student Orientation

Bear Tracks Registration Events

Bear Tracks Registration Events are designed to empower students and their families to visit campus in the spring and take care of business ahead of time.  Students must be admitted for the summer or fall term at the University of Montana Mountain Campus prior to attending a Registration Event.

Students will:

  • meet peers
  • complete academic advising
  • complete course registration
  • engage with faculty
  • pick up their student ID card
  • take care of placement testing
  • finalize their financial aid
  • and much more!  

Attending a Bear Tracks Registration Event is crucial to every student's success.  

Students will leave their Registration Event feeling even more connected to the Griz Family and with their first semester course schedule in hand.

Students and their families have the choice of five Registration Events scheduled throughout the spring.  The program will run from 8 a.m. to roughly 5 p.m. so please plan your travel accordingly.  Additional details will be provided once students are registered.

Bear Tracks registration is not yet open for students entering Fall 2020.

Fall New Student Orientation

Aug. 24-28, 2020

New first-year students are expected to attend the five day New Student Orientation program, which includes move-in day for students living on campus.

New Student Orientation will consist of two main parts : the Big Sky Experience and Getting Your Bearings.  The Big Sky Experience will be a three-day team-based immersion experience within the community focused in one of five areas

  • the outdoors
  • entrepreneurship
  • science and technology
  • arts and culture
  • and diversity, service and leadership

This portion of the orientation program will be followed by Getting Your Bearings, which is a more traditional on-campus program focusing on the academic and social transition to college.

This longer orientation will help students build more connections and friendships with other students (which has been shown to enhance student belonging and retention) as well as enhance their preparation for academic success.

The official move-in day for the residence halls is Monday, Aug. 24 2020*.  Students attending orientation will be able to use their meal plans, as well as live in their assigned residence hall room.

Families are encouraged to join their students on the first day, Monday, Aug. 24, 2020 for move-in and a few special events.  Students will be on their own in small peer groups for the remainder of the week.

Registration for New Student Orientation is not yet open.

*Students who are opting-in to the Freshman Wilderness Experience will have a special move-in time that is earlier than Aug. 17th.  Please visit the FWE website for more information.


Missoula College Freshman

Spring Admission

We have launched an online orientation that will walk you through the steps necessary to clear your holds, learn about our registration system, familiarize yourself with campus resources, schedule an advising appointment, and register for classes.

All incoming Missoula College students are encouraged to take the Online Orientation for Missoula College Students. This is the quickest way you can be advised and register for  courses. 

Register here for the Online Orientation for Missoula College Students!

You do not need to attend an on-campus orientation if you complete the online module and advising ahead of time.

NOTE: If you do not see this course in your Moodle account, please contact

Optional On-Campus Sessions

January 8, 2020 | 9 a.m. - Noon

Students who would like some additional assistance are invited to join the Missoula College for a half day orientation program to take care of any last business before the semester begins.

Register here for the Missoula College On-Campus Orientation!

Fall Admission

Missoula College Bear Tracks Registration Events and Open Houses

Open to all incoming and prospective Missoula College students and their families!

  • Meet with faculty, staff, and fellow students to get all of your questions answered before classes start in the fall!
  • Receive help with registering for your courses, navigating Cyber Bear, and much more!
  • Chat with Financial Aid, the Learning Center, and many other student services.
  • You can register for Bear Tracks by contacting Alberta Ramirez at 406-243-7853 or

Find more information about the Missoula College Bear Tracks Registration Events and Open Houses here.

Summer Session Admits

Incoming students who choose to begin during Summer Session are in a unique position. You will need to communicate with your academic department so that you are able to speak with an advisor and complete course registration prior to the times our orientation programs are regularly scheduled. As an incoming student, you are required to attend an Orientation program.  Please choose from one of the options described above.

Non-Traditional Freshmen

The University of Montana recognizes your transition may be a bit different. We encourage you to attend one of the spring Bear Tracks Registration Days so you are able to meet with an academic advisor and register for classes.  You will also need to attend Bystander Intervention Training in August, or during your first semester of school.  If you do not, you will have a registration hold on your account for the spring.

Non-traditional students do not need to participate in an on-campus orientation program as long as they complete Bear Tracks, either in person or online.

However, non-traditional students are invited to participate in the week-long New Student Orientation program if they would like.  You can find more information above in the left hand column under Fall New Student Orientation.

Transfer Students

To be considered a transfer student, you must have completed 12 semester credits at a college or university, post-high school graduation, and earned at least a 2.0 GPA. College credits earned by students still in high school do not count toward this 12 credit requirement. If you are a transfer student, please visit our Transfer Orientation page instead.

Post-Baccalaureate Students

Post-baccalaureate students are not required to complete and orientation program. You are able to register for classes on your own, or contact an academic advisor for assistance.